Kalu Interiors: Making their Mark in Vancouver

Design firm to participate in Open Studios at IDSwest

Vancouver design firm Kalu Interiors is making their mark on the city. Their unmistakable design aesthetic is attracting clients from the retail, corporate and real estate sectors. This weekend they will step out of their office to participate in the IDSwest Open Studio exhibit. 

Or will they? Kalu Interiors joins a select group of designers participating at Open Studio, each in a curated 10'x10' concept installation that entertains the theme of an inspirational workspace. 

"We are creating an open work space that promotes collaboration in an outdoor environment that offers inspiration and connection with oneself and other employers. The outdoor environment is one many employees have looked to be able to engage with while at work as they are seen as areas of respite. This space is about blending areas of respite with the modern day functionality of a productive workplace. And a collaborative setting among a work team is one of the best ways to enhance creativity and innovation."

Since 2007, partners Aleem Kassam and Phyllis Lui have set the bar very high. With projects ranging from single-family homes and condos, to retail and corporate head offices, Kalu not only transforms the space, but also the way we think about design. 

We invite people to visit us at IDSwest Open Studio this weekend.


About Kalu Interiors

Aleem Kassam and Phyllis Lui blended their close partnership, unique styles and sensibilities for design into their firm name Kalu (KA-LU). They understand the importance of personal style and spaces for both clients and their homes. Inspiring, beautiful, aspirational, unique, individual – all qualities they feel an environment should reflect.

They pride themselves on working with superior trades people, offering cutting edge high-end finishes and always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative design (all whilst staying on budget!).

Kalu is Vancouver’s fastest growing full service interior design firm. 

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